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The Awaken Podcast

Apr 16, 2019

Today for episode #8 I was so lucky to interview Rachel Augusta today! 

She is an amazing women with many gifts and talents. Today she told us about her own path of awakening to her gifts and purpose. She is know as The Modern Day Dr. Doolittle. Rachel has devoted many years of her life to healing very sick and traumatized animals. As a result she has helped thousands of animals find health; even when they had been sick with life threatening diseases. 

Today we talk about her path of awakening, how she deals with her own levels of self doubt and fear and most of all- how she continues to JUST SHOW UP- no matter what. 


I am so proud to call her my friend, and I love the work she does. She has a free gift for each one of you today- an audio clip to listen to with your own animals ( or kids, or JUST YOU). 

Click the link to her website and you can get access to that audio.

Rachel's Website

You can also find her on all the social media platforms as @moderndrdolittle.

Thank you for listening in today!




As a gift to each on of you, I am offering you the first chapter of my new book, "The Hidden Gifts Within the Trauma of Sexual Abuse," for free. 

This book is designed to walk you through the healing process. I have journaling sections at the end of each chapter, to give each reader extra support while you navigate healing from trauma. 

Click this link here to get the free chapter: 

Free Chapter to my book


I also have a free Shielding Meditation Practice that I have created. This is a great way to energetically clear yourself each day and place light around you. 


Click the link below to get access to this video:

Free Shielding Meditation


Thank you for being with me on the show today. I hope you will join me on the next show of The Awaken Podcast.