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I Was Born To Do This

Jan 20, 2023

Everything happens for a reason… Take a deep dive into the intimate, inspirational and philosophical memoir of Sally Pasieka. The very virtue of you, the reader, now reading these words demonstrates that in your life you were always meant to find them and that is incredible.

Explore Sally’s lifetime experiences; on friendships, travel, nature with music, and massage therapy as a foundation—roads to self-healing and discovery creating a uniquely blended story. Built on faith and grief her journey is a wash of color, sometimes poetic, sometimes tragic but always powerfully emotional.

Just Breathe is a compelling collection of memories of real life. Inspirational and philosophical in nature, this book will take the reader on a journey as well as allow them to discover the answers to their own existential questions.

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Join us at Sally's summit on 1/24/23