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The Awaken Podcast

Jun 26, 2019

Awakening To the Voice of God with Hannah Brencher.

This podcast is special. It’s special because God literally opened the doors for this podcast to happen. And so, in the gratitude of His grace I share this episode.

Hannah speaks intimately to those who struggle with depression. She herself walked a heavy road of her own experience of depression. And in this podcast she shares how she moved through it and how God guided her and led her.

There is power in Hannah’s words and her experiences are filled with insight and light.

You can follow along with Hannah on Instagram at @hannahbrencher or

Purchase her book, “Come Matter Here” on Amazon, or any local book store. 

Or you can learn more about her work on her website:




And for all of you listeners today: I would love to offer you my new meditation for stress and overwhelm. 


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Thanks for spending some time with me on The Awaken Podcast Show!