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The Awaken Podcast

Jun 4, 2019

Episode # 12 is an amazing episode with Craig Smith! 

We talk about his message of creating each day to be our greatest day! In this episode, we discuss how to create those days, even in the midst of struggle, self doubt, and weakness. Craig has some amazing insights into this topic and teaches us tools on how to create each day to be extraordinary.

Craig T. Smith is a Clinical Therapist based in Salt Lake City, Utah. He works with individuals, couples and families with a variety of goals in life. He believes each person is the master of their own destiny and holds the power to create a life worth living, no matter their current circumstances.

Craig lives and promotes the Greatest Day mentality. Today truly is the only day you have to live, create, and share who you want to become- so live it as if it is The Greatest Day of Your Life!

He is the host of the amazing podcast show- The Greatest Day Podcast. This podcast is so inspiring!

You can find it on any podcast platform. 

You can also get your daily dose of motivation from Craig on Instagram ~ @greatestdaymindset.




And for all of the listeners today: I would love to offer you my new meditation for stress and overwhelm. 


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Thanks for spending some time with me on The Awaken Podcast Show!