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The Sacred Writing Podcast

Jan 20, 2023

Everything happens for a reason… Take a deep dive into the intimate, inspirational and philosophical memoir of Sally Pasieka. The very virtue of you, the reader, now reading these words demonstrates that in your life you were always meant to find them and that is incredible.

Explore Sally’s lifetime experiences; on...

Jan 6, 2023

Today we are lucky to spend time with one of our newest authors, Denise Alley. Her book, "Native Soul Heart and Healing," is officially LIVE!  Denise's book is created with the intention to help free the reader from the vicitm mentality and enter into freedom! You can grab her book on Amazon here:

Dec 30, 2022

Today we are looking at the miracles and the hard of 2022. Let's end this year in completion to prepare for the magic of unleashing your POWER in 2023! And if you want to do a sacred practice of healing and completion of 2022 click here:


Thank you, thank you for being here with...

Dec 23, 2022

Today we are in the realm of MIRACLES. Let's end this year in miracles. :) Join me and we'll play in that magic. And if you want to join me every morning and every night with sacred practices on YouTube here: And if you want to do a 30 minute book channeling session with me on Instagram grab...

Dec 16, 2022

Wow... Today's episode is powerful. Randa and II go deep. Deep in our own personal stories of how we broke and found our strength. Randa is the head-author of our newest collaboration book that Freedom House has published. This book has 17 authors, inlcuding me who tell stories of how they healed through broken...