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The Sacred Writing Podcast

Jun 24, 2022

This episode is filled with nuggets of hope, believe and connection. September Frogley is the founder of the non-profit. Connection Is the Cure. She shares with us why she beleives connection will help with addiction and suicide. Her mission is simple: to help humans connect to heal. She is hosting a free event in Mesa,...

Feb 23, 2022

Today's episode is my celebration of the choice I made on 2/17/2017.  The choice I made was to live. Share this episode with anyone who know who might be struggling with suicide ideation. 

And if you would like to to purchase my newest book that will fund Centers of Hope to support individuals who struggle with suicide...

Aug 14, 2019


Episode 18 focuses on spreading light, hope and support for those whose lives have been touched by suicide. No matter how suicide has impacted your life, you will find hope from this episode.

Lark is generous with her willingness to share how suicide has impacted her life and the message she now shares with the...