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I Was Born To Do This

Jun 30, 2021

Most of the time expansion is uncomfortable. There are growing pains around every corner and turn. And yet, when we can learn how to move through it and not stop in the middle, miracles unfold. 
Today in this episode, we talk about how to move through the expansion of transformation. 
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Jun 23, 2021

It is easy to have negative self-talk and view ourselves from a tainted perfectionist view. 
But this never serves us or those we love. When we focus on our faults and get upset when we don’t reach our high expectation goals, we stay stuck in life. 
Today I am sharing with you HOW to let go of all of this and view...

Jun 16, 2021

Episode #96 is going to take you deeper into the realm of creation, dreaming, and manifesting. Today I will be walking you through a daily practice of how to experience your dreams and goals in the here and NOW.
This will help you bring these dreams and goals into reality!
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Jun 9, 2021

Episode #95 is all about control. Why we need control, why we love control and what it costs us. 

This topic is one I am always expanding through and I am excited to share this with you. I believe that when we can let go of control, we truly step into the realm of trust and faith. 

And, if you want to know more about...