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The Awaken Podcast

Dec 1, 2021

Today we are so lucky to have Rianne Hatch and Karissa Sherwood on the show today. They are the creators and the brilliance behind Seeking Sapphire. 

Rianne and Karissa are the most authentic, candid, real women I know. What you see is what you get. And what you get is magic. You get their joy, their true desire to help...

Nov 24, 2021

Today we are lucky to have Vicki Baird as our guest who is an intuitive life coach who helps you connect to yourself. She does this by linking your soul and human wiring to understand and live the joy of being alive! And she gives us a taste of this experience on the show today! Check her work out at 

Nov 18, 2021

I am so excited to share with you that I am creating my FIRST collaboration book, and I want to invite you to collaborate with me on this book! This book is going to be a compilation of MANY stories of Creating with The Divine. And it is going to be profound and miraculous. Apply here: 

Nov 3, 2021

Today‚Äôs episode is POWERFUL!! We are blessed to have Laurin Wittig on the show.  Laurin is an intuitive healer and mentor, the founder of HeartLight Wellness. She helps women and men understand and release physical, mental, and emotional pain so they can consciously live a new story, one filled with passion, purpose,...

Oct 27, 2021

Laura West, is an intuitive spiritual medium who recently wrote and published her first book, "Guided." This book will teach you how to live a more spiritual and guided life. You can grab her book live on Amazon now, and you can book a reading with Laura at